DeBoRah Dickerson

October 27, 2017 – Listen HERE

DeBoRah Dickerson has been a member of Picture the Homeless since 2005.  She joined Picture the Homeless seeking something meaningful to do with her time while a shelter resident and working as a home health aide.  In her capacity as a leader of the Housing Campaign, she has spoken on the radio, at press conferences, in meetings with elected officials, and has seen her work on legislative and policy lead to changes that positively impact all New Yorkers, including those without homes. She has also led the struggle in New York City as a member of the Consumer Committee of the New York City Continuum of Care to hold the City accountable for criminalizing homeless New Yorkers, and has taken that issue to Washington DC to strategize with other organizations.

DeBoRah is an accomplished singer, and has recorded with several gospel groups, and performed live with Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir.  She is also an ordained community minister and loves interpretative dance and to drum. During episodes of homelessness in the New York City shelter system, she chose to organize other homeless women around shelter conditions and staff treatment of shelter residents and was instrumental in forming three Client Advisory Boards, as well as an interfaith support group for people experiencing homelessness.

DeBoRah is a lifelong Brooklynite and a proud member of the activist community and tradition of Crown Heights where she honed her organizing skills. She was raised by a single mother who made education a priority.  Both of her parents were Southerners and she also spent part of her childhood in North Carolina and Florida with family. Due to her mother’s influence, she became involved in a Democratic Club in which capacity she worked with Shirley Chisholm and Betty Shabazz.  She cites Shirley Chisholm as having a tremendous influence on her as a young woman and her mother as her greatest inspiration.