Jean Rice

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Jean Rice was born on July 1st, 1939 in Anderson, South Carolina.  His family were part of the Great Migration, moving north to New York City when Jean was a young child.  His mother, and her two sisters and their children all came to 141st and Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem from S. Carolina, where all family members had a home and took part in keeping the household going, Subsequently, Jean moved to Brooklyn where he was educated in the New York City Public School System and self-taught through the many law books that he mother brought to him from the attorney who employed her as a domestic worker. From 1979 through 1981 Jean attended Norwalk Community College in Norwalk Connecticut; where he studied Criminal Justice administration earning a place on the Dean’s List. While attending Norwalk Community College he was president of the Black Student Union and also served as the community liaison for then Deputy Mayor Otha Brown, Jr. Jean is also a Poverty Scholar at Union Theological Seminary, and has represented Picture the Homeless on many national and international trips.  He is an avid reader and prolific writer, constitutional scholar and student of history. He is a father, grandfather and great grandfather and his extended family includes relatives still living in Brooklyn and Queens.

Jean experienced many bouts of homelessness as an adult, and famously slept in a cardboard box in front of Grand Central Station during the period immediately preceding him coming to Picture the Homeless at the invitation of his cousin Prince. He supplements his income by picking up cans for recycling and public solicitation (aka panhandling but don’t let Jean catch you saying that).

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