Nikita Price

December 2, 2017 – Listen HERE

Nikita Price has been the Civil Rights Organizer at Picture the Homeless since 2014. Nikita originally joined Picture the Homeless in 2006 while staying in a family shelter for the first time with his teenage daughter.  At that time, another homeless father who was a member of Picture the Homeless encouraged Nikita to join Picture the Homeless. He was moved to do so when he realized that other homeless families had been stuck in that same shelter for years.   Nikita became a member and then quickly became a leader of the Shelter Campaign and was one of the first graduates of the Organizer Trainee program at Picture the Homeless. Soon after completing that program, he was hired as a full time organizer, staffing the Rental Subsidies campaign when Picture the Homeless members decided that it was more important to them to fight for housing vouchers to get out of the shelter system than it was to fight for better shelters.

He is as effective on the street as he is in the corridors of decision making within City government, making people comfortable and uncomfortable, depending on what the situation calls for.  He’s seen the family shelter system from the inside and has had to struggle to get back on his feet and get housing twice, once in 2006 and again more recently after a fire destroyed the house that he rented an apartment in with his two young daughters in the Bronx.

He left Picture the Homeless to pursue other opportunities in social services in 2008. Nikita returned to Picture the Homeless in 2012, join the Homeless Organizing Academy staff as the wellness instructor.   Nikita joined the staff again as a full time civil rights organizer in 2014. He is presently raising two lovely daughters Nani and Naima Price as a single father and is passionate in the role of father and social justice organizer.  He is a member of the Steering Committee of Communities united for Police Reform.

Nikita was raised in Rochester, New York and attended Catholic schools.  He has lived in New Orleans and Boston as well. Prior to becoming homeless, he had a long career in the restaurant industry working as a waiter, and honing his famous people skills.  Among his heroes are Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X and Fidel Castro. He loves jazz and was excited in the 1990’s to live in Harlem and walk the same blocks as some of his favorite jazz musicians.  He loves to read, is an excellent cook and has a wicked sense of humor.