January 18, 2018 – Listen HERE

Rogers was an immigrant child and is now a father.  He spent a year in the Camp LaGuardia men’s shelter in upstate New York and lived on the New York City streets.  He has published several articles and worked for Ma Bell for ten years. Other employment includes working as an NYPD staff analyst, and at the Queens Public Library as a supervisor and researcher.  He has also been on staff at Picture the Homeless as a voting rights coordinator. He is also an entrepreneur, founding his own company Black Ink Enterprises.

He attended Catholic Schools and later New York University.  He is an accomplished orator, and has taught public speaking.  He also has a lovely singing voice, and has graced the Picture the Homeless Longest Night of the Year Memorial on many occasions with his rendition of Be Not Afraid.  He’s been a regular guest on the Gilchrest Experience cable TV show. He has been a member of the National Action Network since 1996 and is a founding member of the Council of Black Catholics (Brooklyn/Queens).  A devout Catholic, he has taught Sunday School for over 30 years and led Kwanzaa celebrations throughout New York City but primarily in his beloved Harlem.

Rogers has superlative language skills, and speaks some French and Spanish, and is an avid reader.